• IT Staffing

    If your district does not have the staff or budget to assure the proper monitoring and maintenance of your network while balancing the needs of your desktop users, let us step in and help with a custom tailored support plan. We can do anything from taking care of desktop user issues to installing, upgrading and maintaining your data center and wide area network. Packages are available for full and part time I.T. technicians and/or engineers.

  • Remote Network Monitoring & Alert Services

    Remote network monitoring is the first line of defense against virus, hacks and other network overloads. Monitoring network traffic and systems resources can identify and alert a systems administrator of problematic areas before they lead to potential issues and even network outages. Our monitoring services have proven to save school districts time and money resolving minor issues before they turn into I.T. catastrophes.

  • Offsite Backup Solutions

    Tape drives and other local backup devices are a great way to keep data loss to a minimum in most districts. However, in the event of fire damage or a flood, critical data can be lost for good. Student records, e-mails and other important documents should be stored at an offsite location to protect them in the event of a catastrophic disaster. T.C.T.S. offers offsite storage on our multiple redundant fail-safe servers.

  • I.T. Assessment

    Keeping inventory can sometimes be a difficult task with the amount of purchases school districts make keeping up with today’s technology. Tri-County Technology Services can perform an accurate inventory of all hardware including PC’s, server, switches, printers and other IT equipment.Keeping an up-to-date inventory is also critical in maintaining licensing agreements with software companies. Failure to comply with licensing agreements can have legal, financial and ethical repercussions. We can conduct a full internal software resources review to record your current software inventory and measure your present and future needs.

  • Web hosting

    Using our shared web hosting services is an easy way to limit the expense of maintaining an onsite web server. For a fraction of the cost and reliable uptime assurance, we can host your school district’s website in our advanced data center.